The Principal, Nonthando, was introduced to The Foundation of School Leadership and Management in 2012 and joined the then called ‘Adopt-a-School Leader’ programme. The Programme is now referred to as “Leaders4learning” Programme.

Nonthando grew in stature over the three year programme of coaching, training and mentoring and personally developed into a competent and confident school leader and community member.
The impact of the programme on Mothertouch, serving the Diepsloot Community, was immeasurable.

The running and management of the school shifted from basic functionality to advanced functionality and this benefited  every child in the school. The quality of curriculum delivery with the help from Moms and Tots improved considerably.

Volunteers started serving the school more as a result of the change in the facility and the commitment of staff and parents.

Excitingly, Mothertouch was registered with the Department of Social Development in 2014 and is now receiving DSD grants which is being used to improve the nutrition programme and staff salaries.

Donors and funders have also acknowledged the schools quality and have invested in different ways to enhance the facility for the benefit of the children.

The school continues to grow from strength to strength.

Quality School Leadership creates opportunities and FSLM has made it possible.

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