Laezonia Primary’s Durban Field Trip

By January 4, 2015Schools

In December 2014, the school was, for the first time, able to offer some of its pupils the rare opportunity to experience a field trip; an exciting excursion to Durban.

laezonia primary fslm

Most had never seen the sea before, slept in a hotel room or even been in a lift.

One amazed pupil wrote in a report: “We sleep with white blankets! I thought I was an angel. And we drink tea. That hotel, it has electricity. At home we don’t have electricity.”

Sadly, neither the children nor the teachers had the funds to visit some of the city’s top attractions, such as uShaka Marine World.

“I was not have money to go to the uShaka World,”

wrote the learner.

“I was sad. Our teacher also don’t have money to get in. We saw it outside only…”

Despite this, the learners thanked their teachers profusely for this once in a lifetime (so far) experience.