Educational Leadership

By November 7, 2016Education Articles

Leadership Development


As we find ourselves in the modern era the traditional view on leadership and management has changed. To this end we at FSLM focus on this extremely important element of personal development. Three approaches are used Training, Coaching and Mentoring.
The first component on leadership involves training. This includes specific aspects that distinguish between leadership and management, strategic thinking and change management as well as the aspects required to lead an organization.

The training components include:

Leadership and Management
Strategic planning and Change management
Professional team development
Human Resources
Performance management
Curriculum Development ( Educators)
Assessment practices (Educators)

The second component involves the individual coaching of clients. The coaching period varies depending on the need, but as a standard FSLM uses a 12 session period ( 3 months) spread at convenient times to both coach and client. The methodology varies but the approach includes both personal and professional development of the individual and focusses clearly on improvement in the work environment.

The third component, mentoring is less frequent and requires a different methodology to the coaching as well as a different focus. Here the consultants assist the ‘leader’ in being a sounding board, giving advice and suggestions on various work related matters. Although we try and structure this process when working with educational leadership teams, timing and appointments can be flexible and by agreement between mentor and mentee.
“Eagles don’t flock, you find them one at a time” Ross Perot.