Launched in 2011, the Foundation of School Leadership and Management (FSLM) helps ailing schools imagine a new way forward.

Guided by the principle that “all kids can learn”, FSLM reignites teachers’ and school managers’ passion for education and leadership and sparks a hunger to achieve within pupils. We currently work with 14 schools, encompassing some 15700 learners and 720 educators.

FSLM is a BEE accredited (level 4) Public Benefits Organisation based in Gauteng that intends growing into a national entity that will reach struggling schools across South Africa.

What we do

The Challenges

Overcrowding, poverty, limited resources and infrastructure, disillusioned staff, uninspired pupils, uninvolved parents and a pervasive sense of futility. These are the realities facing schools in disadvantaged areas. There is a way out. The Foundation of School Leadership and Management (FSLM) has proved that skilled and empowered leadership can overcome these daunting challenges.

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Our Programmes

Through our three-year programme of determined hands-on coaching, mentoring and training of school leaders and management teams we engender a powerful can-do approach that works. We empower schools to take charge and determine their future. It’s no easy task, but with commitment, enhanced skills and hard work, lives are changed and future leaders are shaped.

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